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Experience the Art of Fitness Apprenticeship.

Welcome to Kalmese-Fit University, an innovative fitness program designed to empower individuals on their journey to becoming "Certified Fit." Our program offers personalized membership plans tailored to your goals, providing a comprehensive and transformative fitness experience.


Enroll for a transformative educational experience tailored to your unique needs, body type, diet, goals, and limitations. Our certified fitness professionals serve as your mentors, guiding you through a personalized curriculum that covers strength training, flexibility, nutrition, and mindfulness. Immerse yourself in our exclusive learning environment and gain practical fitness skills while deepening your understanding of the human body. Join our esteemed community and become "Certified Fit", equipped with the knowledge and expertise to excel in your personal health journey and beyond.


choose an option below to get started

Best Value

Foundation Level



Every month

3 month Groundwork

Valid for 3 months

3 bookings each week

Signature Fitness Curriculum

Weekly Progress Check-ins

Loyalty Perks and Incentives

Nutritional Guidance and Consumption Support

  • Achievement Level

    Every month
    3 Month Kick Start
    Valid for 3 months
    • Unlimited bookings
    • Personalized fitness assessment
    • Weekly Progress Check-ins
    • BENG' FOODS Weekly meal plan
  • Triumph Level Member

    Every month
    6 Month Accelerated Progress
    Valid for 6 months
    • Unlimited Bookings
    • Personalized Fitness Assessment and Plan
    • Weekly Progress Check-ins
    • BENG' FOODS Weekly Meal Plan
    • 25% off Discount on DHF Events
    • Loyalty Perks and Incentives
  • Master Level

    Every month
    12 month Elite
    Valid for 12 months
    • Unlimited Booking
    • Personalized Fitness Assessment
    • Weekly Progress Check-ins
    • BENG' FOODS Weekly Meal Plan
    • VIP Access to events
    • VIP Access to ALL Fitness Retreats
    • Meal Consumption Consultation
    • Bring A Workout Partner Free (2x)

no more excuses

It's time to stop playing around with your health. It's time to prioritize your well-being and put an end to distractions that hinder your progress. Say goodbye to shortcuts and resist the allure of vanity health schemes. You deserve a personalized approach because you're unique, and that's why generic fitness plans haven't yielded the results you desire. Join us at Kalmese Fit University, where you'll learn the fundamentals of your own health and fitness journey, surrounded by a supportive community. Embrace this opportunity to transform your life forever and unlock a newfound happiness and fitness like never before.

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